BEIJING, INS. In China’s Shaanxi province, there has been a lot of damage to life and property due to torrential rains. There are reports of 15 people dead and three missing in the province. On the other hand, in another incident, 14 people have died after a bus fell into a river in Pingshan. The local government said on Tuesday that the province faced severe flooding due to heavy rains from October 2 to 7. The incessant rain affected nearly 1.76 million residents in 76 counties across the province. More than one lakh 20 thousand people were taken to safer places. Standing crops in an area of ​​about 238,460 hectares were damaged. 37,700 houses have collapsed or been badly damaged. Heavy economic damage has been caused due to rain and floods.

According to the Xinhua news agency, the incessant rain has affected some 1760,000 residents in 76 county-level areas and displaced 1,20,100 people. In addition, crops on 2,38,460 acres of land were destroyed and 37,700 homes were damaged, causing an economic loss of $ 780 million.

According to Chinese state media, more than 17 lakh people have been affected due to the floods. Around 19,500 houses have collapsed, leaving more than 120,000 people homeless. However, Chinese state media did not specify in its report which area of ​​Shanxi province, west of Beijing, was most affected by the weather. Shanxi is not a small area, but is spread over a large area of ​​​​about 156,000 square km.

The Chinese media has also claimed a loss of about $ 770 million in its report so far. The Chinese media, as a habit, had initially underestimated the devastation caused by the rains, but as the situation became alarming, the devastation caused by the rains was covered somewhat properly. Later it was told that the water level of the rivers of the area was above the danger mark, however soon it was also informed that the water level has now returned to normal. In the month of July this year, there was also a severe flood in central Henan province, in which more than 300 people were killed.

Edited By: Shashank Pandey