Beijing (AP). Chinese President Xi Jinping has said that he and his country do not want to exert any influence on South Asia. He also said that China does not want to dominate even its neighboring small countries regarding the South China Sea. Xi made these remarks during a 30th virtual conference of the Association of South East ASEAN Nations (ASEAN) countries, organized to mark its 30th anniversary. During this, ten member countries of the organization were involved.

Xi said during this time that he is willing to maintain friendly relations with all his neighboring countries, Xinhua News Agency reported. China has been opposed to power politics in every way and at all times. His country is neither willing to suppress any country nor does he want to come out as a hero in this entire region.

Let us tell you that China has been very aggressive regarding the South China Sea. The whole world is well aware of his sharp rhetoric from some other countries including America regarding this. He has been continuously asserting his claim on this field. He has also been misrepresenting the claims of Malaysia, Vietnam, Bruni and the Philippines on this area. Xi’s statement comes at a time when two boats from the Philippines which had entered the South China Sea a day earlier, carrying items needed by the army, were forcibly driven away by the Chinese Coast Guard by the edge of the water.

Significantly, this entire area is very special in terms of gas, oil and minerals. China has also been preventing boats from other countries from fishing and extracting minerals here. China has built some artificial islands here, on which even an airstrip has been built to help the army. China has made permanent construction on many islands. China has taken an aggressive stand many times regarding the ships of the US Navy passing through here.

Edited By: Kamal Verma