Islamabad, PTI. A senior Pakistani parliamentarian has said that China’s confidence in Islamabad’s security system has been shaken after the Karachi University blasts. On April 26, three Chinese teachers were killed in a blast by a suicide bomber wearing a burqa. This was the biggest ever attack against Chinese citizens in Pakistan.

Serious concern and outrage in China

Sharing China’s mood with Dan newspaper on Friday, Senator Mushahid Hussain said, “This incident has caused serious concern and outrage in China.” Mushahid, chairman of the Senate Security Committee, also led a delegation last week to the Chinese embassy to mourn the attack.

China’s confidence shaken

“China’s confidence in Pakistan’s security system, its ability to protect people and projects has shaken a lot,” Mushahid said. The pattern of attack has been repeated, which proves that Pakistan’s promise of foolproof security has not been executed on the ground. The attack on Karachi University was the third major attack targeting Chinese civilians.

It will be difficult for Pakistan if the attacks continue

Criticizing the security arrangements, Mushahid said that the security agencies felt that they were caught taking a nap after the incident. “If such attacks continue, not only China, but investors from other countries will also be forced to review investments in Pakistan,” he said.

Pictures of Chinese nationals leaving Pakistan went viral

Let us inform that after the attack on Karachi University, pictures of Chinese nationals leaving Pakistan went viral on the internet media. However, Pakistan had denied such information. The attack on Karachi University was the third terrorist attack on Chinese nationals in Pakistan in a year.

Edited By: Krishna Bihari Singh