Beijing, ANI. Like other neighboring countries, China has made preparations to squeeze Afghanistan’s minerals and other resources. A Chinese delegation on a special visa has reached Afghanistan in search of rare items worth trillions of dollars. It has also started field survey of potential areas for lithium projects.

According to the report of China’s state-run Global Times, five Chinese companies have reached Chinatown in Afghanistan on special visas. Whereas a total of twenty Chinese government and private companies have been visiting various sites since the beginning of this inspection campaign and studying the minerals there. Yu Mingghui, director of the committee of these Chinese companies, says that China is trying to become a major partner of the Taliban. Experts say that China is eyeing Afghanistan’s mineral wealth and wants to keep India away from these resources in any case.

On the other hand, the Taliban administration has issued new sanctions guidelines for the Afghan media, banning TV dramas in which women will act. Along with this, instructions have also been issued to women anchors to wear Islamic hijab. Along with this, a ban has been declared on all news and programs against Islamic and Afghan values.

Meanwhile, the security situation in Afghanistan has worsened during the last hundred days of Taliban rule. During this, the influence of the terrorist organization IS has increased. According to Tolo News, since August 15, there have been seven major security-threatening incidents in Afghanistan in which 630 people have been killed or injured. Especially the suicide attacks outside Kabul airport. Terrorist attacks on Shia mosques in Kunduz and Kandahar and Sardar Muhammad Dawood Hospital in Kabul are prominent.

Edited By: Tanisk