Chinese President Xi Jinping may step down due to poor management of Corona epidemic, rumor in full swing

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The Kovid management of Chinese President Xi Jinping is being fiercely criticized all over the world. As a result, speculation about Xi Jinping leaving the presidency has started gaining momentum on social media as well.


These days the rumor is spreading rapidly on Chinese social media that President Xi Jinping may step down due to the economic slowdown in the country due to mismanagement of the stringent Kovid-19 lockdown. Rumors of Xi Jinping stepping down started after a meeting of the Standing Committee of the Party Politburo. Furthermore, a video made by a Canadian-based blogger was making headlines on social media before it was censored by China.

According to the blogger, the current Prime Minister will take over from Li Jinping’s behalf to handle the day-to-day management of the party and government. To prevent the spread of the Kovid 19 virus, the Chinese President ordered strictness. The lockdown has severely disrupted businesses across the country. According to a senior Chinese official, “the epidemic is very damaging to economic and social development.”

In another press conference, Han Wenxiu, deputy director in the Office of the Chinese Communist Party’s Central Committee on Financial and Economic Affairs, said that the epidemic should be controlled with scientific accuracy, rather than by stabilizing the economy, and securing the country’s development. should be done. Strict Covid restrictions have also halted industrial production resulting in supply disruptions.

Along with this, there was a steady decline in manufacturing activity, which reached its lowest level since February 2020. Furthermore, as the lockdown in Shanghai continues to extend, analysts at various investment banks have also cut their forecasts for the country’s economic growth rate. In the month of April, China’s yuan currency declined more than 4 percent, the biggest monthly decline in 28 years.

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Apart from this, the stock markets have also been badly hit, which is likely to impact the global recovery as the intense lockdown will affect the sales of companies in China and also affect the supply chain. Reportedly, all these reasons have led to widespread discontent in China. The Chinese people are losing faith in Jinping’s rule over the failed management amid these difficult circumstances.

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