Thinking Heritage: How will a mischievous boy improve – by punishment or by love? Admittedly, he changes by giving punishment, but is it a change? As a parent, teacher or grown-up, you have the right to choose what steps you should take to improve the boy. But if you threaten him, intimidate him, he will act according to you, but will it be the right change? Can a change be made by force? Has there been any change due to fear of any law till date?

Then will love turn into a naughty boy? It depends what you understand by love. If love means understanding the causes of mischief rather than changing it, then you are right. Then you will be able to change it with love. If I want to change someone, my desire to change it will be a kind of coercion. But if I start to understand why it is so and understand it and eliminate those reasons, then it will change. But if I only want to change, then I cannot understand it. Suppose, because of your love a guy stopped pranks, is this a real change? This love of yours is also a kind of pressure to do or become something for him. What do you mean by that when you say – the boy must change at all? In what form will it have to change? From ‘what is’ it should be changed to ‘what should be’. Even if it has changed into ‘what it should be’, it will still be a reformed version of its original form. So this is also not a change. Suppose, if I am greedy but try to be generous, will that change me? If I am able to investigate, understand the whole problem of my greed, only then will I be able to get rid of it.

– J. Krishnamurti

Edited By: jeetesh kumar