CM Ashok Gehlot said on the arrest of Pawan Kheda- ‘Undeclared emergency in the country’

IndiaCM Ashok Gehlot said on the arrest of Pawan Kheda- 'Undeclared emergency...
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There has been a sharp reaction from the Congress party on the arrest of Congress leader Pawan Kheda. Condemning the arrest of Pawan Kheda, Rajasthan Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot said, “The way the Assam Police brought Pawan Kheda from inside the plane at the airport, this is probably the first incident in history. When a leader has been arrested like this from the plane.

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“Many Congress leaders including our leaders Pawan Khera, Randeep Surjewala, Supriya Shrinet were taking the Delhi-Raipur flight for the convention, during which Pawan Khera was arrested. This will defame our country all over the world.

CM Gehlot asked the question that “What does this government want, is this incident not in the knowledge of the Prime Minister and the Home Minister, can anyone believe this, can anyone dare like this without their knowledge? A very unfortunate situation is being created inside the country. We repeatedly say that democracy is in danger, the Constitution is being torn to pieces.”

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Describing the purpose of Rahul Gandhi’s Bharat Jodo Yatra, he said, “Inflation is not being talked about in the country, employment is not being taken care of, tension is increasing, violence is increasing, Rahul Gandhi talks about love. Let’s talk about non-violence, very unfortunate situation is developing inside the country, I am worried that no one knows in which direction the country will go. Their pride will not work, the public will end their pride, they will not even know.

Emergency bigger than Emergency in the country: Ashok Gehlot

“They defame Indira ji for Emergency, today the situation in the country is worse than Emergency, at least she imposed Emergency with the help of law, yet people did not like her and she lost the election. They have imposed a bigger emergency than emergency without declaring it.”

“How many journalists and litterateurs are in jail today, what is happening in the country today is a matter of concern, the public should pay attention to it and wherever they get a chance, they should tell the people of the government that your path is not right. Will hurt, will hurt the country.

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Case of comment on PM Modi: Pawan Kheda arrested, Congress retaliates on the action

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