CM invited to attend Bastar Dussehra: Committee members including MPs met; Kachanagadi ritual on 25th September, Kalash installation on 29th

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The members of Bastar Dussehra Committee have invited CM Bhupesh Baghel to attend the world famous Bastar Dussehra. On Thursday, Bastar MP and Dussehra Committee chairman Deepak Baij, Manjhi, Chaliki, Pujari and others reached the Chief Minister’s residence in Raipur. Also invited to attend the historic Bastar Dussehra lasting 75 days. The Chief Minister has also accepted the invitation. He has assured that he will definitely come.

Members of the Dussehra committee, including Bastar MP, have also informed the CM about all the rituals. MP Deepak Baij told the CM that from July 28, Dussehra has been started by fulfilling the Pat Jatra legislation. Now the most important Kachanagadi ceremony will be performed on 25 September. At the same time, on September 29 this month, the rituals of setting up the Kalash, worship rituals, and jogi sitting will be performed. CM has also shown interest in watching these legislations closely.

Learn what Would Is Kachhangadi Legislation

The most important ritual of Bastar Dussehra is Kachhangadi. According to the belief, Kachan Devi comes on a girl of Panka caste. Which are swinging in the swing of the thorns of the vine. After which the members of Bastar royal family take permission from the goddess to celebrate Bastar Dussehra and get the chariot circumambulated. Swinging on thorns, Kachan Devi allows a member of the royal family of Bastar to celebrate Dussehra. This tradition has been going on for many years.

This ritual takes place in Kachhanguri, located near Bhangaram Chowk of Jagdalpur. Hundreds of people reach to see which and seek blessings from the mother. Some experts say that, Bastar Maharaja Dalpat Dev had renovated Kachangudi. For hundreds of years this tradition is being done in this Gudi. He told that Kachandevi is also called the goddess of battle. The women of Panka caste also sing songs with Dhankul playing.

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