New Delhi, Tech Desk. Petrol and diesel prices are increasing continuously in the country, due to which the demand for CNG cars is increasing. But if you are planning to buy a new CNG car, then you should take care of the special things of CNG car or else you may get a big setback in the cheap affair. Actually, summer is at its peak in India. In such a situation, the incidents of fire in CNG car increase. Let us know how we can prevent these incidents.

check on time

Compulsory inspection of CNG cylinders is required every three years. But many times people keep filling the CNG cylinder without testing, due to which the capacity of the cylinder decreases due to the increase in carbon in the cylinder. This results in less CNG fill in the CNG cylinder. Also, due to leaks in the cylinders, the incidents of fire in the car increase.

Get the cylinder installed from an authorized place

Many times people buy a car, then get CNG fitted in it which can be dangerous. It would be better to buy a company fit CNG car. If this is not possible, then it would be better to get the CNG kit installed in the car from the authorized service center itself, because when you get the CNG kit installed in the car from the authorized service center, you are issued a company certificate, so that you can get the CNG kit installed in the car from any authorized service center. You can take CNG car in the state.

Check expiry date

CNG cylinder has a life of its own. Which should always be taken care of. Actually, the average life of a CNG cylinder has been fixed by the government at 15 years. Usually the same life is considered to be of one car. But if you drive the car for a long time, then definitely get the cylinder of the CNG car replaced, otherwise you can suffer damage.

Edited By: Atul Yadav