New Delhi, Auto Desk. Customers who use CNG vehicles in the summer season should be more cautious. Like other vehicles, CNG vehicles can last a long time if maintained and properly looked after. So if you are the owner of a CNG vehicle then follow these easy steps mentioned below.

Servicing of CNG Kits: Just like the car, the service of the fitted CNG kit is also mandatory. It does not matter whether you have got the CNG kit installed from outside or the company has got it fitted. Periodic inspection and servicing is essential. Getting the service done on time also improves the mileage of the car. By getting the vehicle serviced on time, both its engine and gas kit are maintained and the mileage of the car also turns out to be great.

Leakage check: Many a times it happens that when you get a CNG kit fitted by a locat mechanic, it affects the vehicle very badly. Many times the CNG kit gets old or due to local parts malfunction, there is a problem of leakage in the pipe connecting to the cylinder. Due to which there is a possibility of wasting a lot of gas and the mileage of the car can also be bad. Therefore, to get the best mileage from the car, you should get your car’s CNG cylinder leak checked from time to time. This will not only help in increasing the mileage of the car, but it can also save you from being a victim of any kind of accident.

Check expiry date

CNG cylinder has a life of its own. Which should always be taken care of. Actually, the average life of a CNG cylinder has been fixed by the government at 15 years. Usually the same life is considered to be of one car. But if you drive the car for a long time, then definitely get the cylinder of the CNG car replaced, otherwise you can suffer damage.

Edited By: Atul Yadav