Coal crisis in BSP, the plant may have to be closed: If the rack is not reached in 2 days, the situation will worsen; There could be a loss of crores

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The effect of the deepening coal crisis in Chhattisgarh is also visible on Bhilai Steel Plant (BSP). The condition is that BSP has only two days of coal stock left to run the plant. Due to this, the management reduced the production of the rail mill, while the blast furnace has been downed.

According to information received from BSP sources, if the coal rake does not reach Bhilai Steel Plant within two days, then the plant will suffer a loss of crores of rupees. If the plant is completely shut down due to the coal crisis, it will take several days to bring the cooled mills and furnaces back to the same temperature. Along with this, BSP will have to bear the loss of crores of rupees in this work. The management had to shut down Blast Furnace 6 due to the coal crisis. Apart from this, preparations are being made to down the blast furnace 8 for 4-6 hours.

The remaining stock of about 30 thousand tonnes of coal
Different yards of BSP have the capacity to stock 2.5 lakh tonnes of coal. Presently only about 30 thousand tonnes of coal is left. With this coal, the plant can be run for two days only. If the coal rake does not come within two days, then the plant will have to be closed. The BSP management is currently working on a plan to make the coal last longer. Due to this, instead of 740 pushing, only 400 pushing could be done on Wednesday.

Rolling mill also had to be closed
Due to lack of coal, gas is not being produced in the coke oven. Due to this the rolling mill here had to be closed on Wednesday. All the employees were worried about why the rolling mill was closed. When they came to know that there was a coal crisis in BSP, then this word spread like fire outside also.

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