Cobra on the swing in the ocean: 5 feet long cobra was sitting in the house, when it went to catch it entered the rat’s burrow; Angry cobra hissed by swinging

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Aqeel Baba, who caught a snake of five feet long cobra in the ocean, frightened him. First he kept hiding in the house, later he was seen but he entered the rat’s bill. After half an hour of effort, the cobra was finally caught. When Aqeel Baba, after catching the cobra, swinged it on the swing in the courtyard, he also responded by hissing. Aqeel Baba told that cobra is very poisonous. It will be released in the wild. Apart from this, a four feet cobra snake has also been caught from another place.

Aqeel Baba, who caught the snake.

Two cobra snakes were caught at two different places in the ocean. In a house, a cobra had entered a rat burrow. In the other house, the snake was sitting under the wheat tank with a horoscope. On information, expert in catching snakes, Akeel Baba reached the spot and caught both the cobra snakes.

In a house near the number 28 gate, a cobra snake about 4 feet long had entered the house. The family members informed Aqeel Baba. As soon as the news was received, Aqeel reached the spot and searched for the snake. The cobra was searched in the house for about half an hour, but was not found. After this the wheat tank was removed, then the cobra was sitting under the tank with a coil, which was caught after a lot of effort.

Cobra snake caught from home.

Cobra entered the rat’s burrow
Similarly, there was a cobra about 5 feet long in a house near the Swedish Mission School Sagar. The family members came out of the house after seeing the snake. Aqeel Baba, an expert in snake catching, reached the spot. He started the rescue to catch the cobra. During this, the cobra entered the rat’s bill made in the house. After a lot of effort, the cobra was caught. After this, after bringing out the cobra, Akil made him swing on the swing, then he got angry. After falling down from the swing, he started running here and there. He was later locked in a box.


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