Color does not last in white hair with henna or dye, just try this method, hair will look black for a long time

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White Hair Home Remedies: Many home remedies are usually adopted to color white hair, but within a few days the color completely gets removed from the hair. In such a situation, the methods mentioned here will be of great use to you.

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  • Make hair black at home.
  • This way the color will last.
  • Some tips come very handy.
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White Hair Home Remedies: Whether it is the effect of age or excessive use of chemical-rich products on hair, hair can turn white. Whatever may be the reason for these hair being white, but often people want to blacken the white hair by dyeing it back. Trouble comes when the hair is dyed but the color does not last long on the hair. In such a situation, all the hard work goes in vain and time has to be wasted in trying to turn white hair black again and again. But, now you do not need to take tension. Here are some such tips and tips for you, by which you can blacken your hair with Mehendi or hair dye and keep their color intact for a long time. This recipe is very economical, so it will not hit your pocket either.

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Tips to make white hair black | Tips To Darken White Hair

Make a solution for offering henna

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To dye the hair black, you can make the henna solution you are preparing sure. Just by applying empty henna, the color will not set. For this, you can add tea leaf water, coffee water or amla powder to henna. It imparts a deep black color to the hair, which also lasts for a long time and after the color fades, the hair does not appear red, so different.

right way to wash henna

How long the henna is kept on applying also affects the color of the hair. You should keep henna on the hair for at least 2 to two and a half hours so that the hair gets a thick black color. Along with this, it is also important to pay attention to the way of washing hair. Use plain water to remove henna from hair and wash hair with shampoo only after about 24 hours. Immediately after washing the hair with shampoo, the dark color of the henna will lighten and the color that has been applied on the hair will also start to leave.

shampoo day

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Try to wash your hair only after a few days. By washing the hair daily, the black and dark color will start getting lighter and within a few days the white hair will again start spreading on the head like a sheet of ice. Wash the head at least at an interval of 2 to 3 days.

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