New Delhi, PTI. Supreme Court-appointed agriculture committee member Anil Ghanwat on Monday said he would take a decision on releasing the panel’s report after analyzing the legal consequences. He also claimed that two other members of the committee have given him the liberty to take a decision in this regard. Let us tell you that the Supreme Court had asked the committee to talk to all the concerned parties and the central government and submit a report in the court. The committee had submitted its report in the Supreme Court on March 19.

The report has not been made public since March 19, while Ghanvat in a letter to the Chief Justice on September 1 requested the release of the report in the public domain. He said the recommendations would help resolve the ongoing farmers’ agitation. Ghanvat, president of Shetkari Sangathan, said that the committee met on Monday in relation to the background of the government’s decision to repeal three agricultural laws. In the meeting, we discussed in detail whether the report should be made public or not.

Ghanvat told that the other two members gave me the freedom to take a decision on this issue. I will take a decision on this after analyzing the legal consequences. The other two members of the committee are Ashok Gulati (agricultural economist, former chairman of the Commission for Agricultural Costs and Prices) and Pramod Kumar Joshi (agricultural economist and director of South Asia at the International Food Policy Research Institute). Both were unavailable for comment. Ghanvat says the panel’s report is in the interest of farmers and it should be made public in the larger interest of the country’s agriculture sector and farmers’ welfare.

Anil Ghanwat, a member of the Agriculture Committee appointed by the Supreme Court, has termed the Central Government’s decision to repeal three agricultural laws as regressive. He says that the decision to withdraw agricultural laws is unfortunate. This has given a big blow to the initiative of possible reforms in the agriculture sector. He urged the Supreme Court to release the report of the committee or else he would himself make it public so that people can know about the recommendations made in this report and discuss them.

Edited By: Krishna Bihari Singh