Udaipur, ANI. Senior Congress leader P Chidambaram on Saturday launched several attacks on the BJP’s central government from the Congress’s Chintan Shivir. He claimed that the trust between the Center and the states, including those ruled by the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), is now completely broken. The Congress leader further claimed that the finance ministers of BJP-ruled states have also expressed their concerns regarding the GST. “There has been a complete breakdown of trust between the central and state governments. If you think that only non-BJP governments have expressed this breach of trust, you are wrong,” he said.

Difficult to bring petrol and diesel under GST

Hitting out at the Center for bringing petrol and diesel under the purview of GST, Chidambaram said there is no possibility of it happening under this government. “The present government has no chance to devise any way to persuade the states to bring petrol and diesel under GST”, he said. Criticizing the government for blaming the Ukraine-Russia war for the increase in fuel prices in India, the Congress leader said that this government can only increase the prices and nothing else.

Asked to extend the period of GST compensation

The Congress leader further said that the period of GST compensation should be extended by years. Chidambaram alleged that the Center appears “ambiguous” in dealing with the hike in fuel prices. “The external situation has increased the pressure on the economy but the government does not know the ways to deal with the situation.

Foreign exchange reserves also surrounded

Chidambaram said USD 22 billion has gone out of the country in the last seven months and foreign exchange reserves have depleted by USD 36 billion. He said that the condition of the Indian economy is a matter of great concern, the slow growth rate is the hallmark of the present government. Inflation has risen to unprecedented levels. The government is fueling the growth of inflation by higher taxes on petrol and diesel.

Edited By: Mahen Khanna