Sanjay Mishra, Udaipur. Congress has given a clear indication in the Chintan Shivir of preparing to play a big social bet for its political return, giving separate reservation quota for women of OBC and AC-ST category within the proposed 33 percent reservation quota for women in Parliament and Legislative Assemblies. has endorsed. Congress, which has been opposing quota in women’s reservation till now, along with taking a U-turn on this issue, has also played a political gamble to reach this big social group by advocating for the implementation of reservation for OBC class in Parliament and Legislative Assemblies.

Advocate for reservation in private sector jobs

In this episode, the party has advocated reservation for OBC, SC-ST in private sector jobs. In order to give a message of its seriousness on these issues that deeply affect the political equations of the country, the Congress has placed a proposal to give 50 percent reservation to OBC, SC-ST, women and minorities at every level of the party organization before the Congress Working Committee. Have given.

Efforts to increase the political base

On the second day of Udaipur Nav Sankalp Chintan Shivir, Congress has made it clear that organizational change alone is not enough to achieve this goal by indicating the roadmap for regaining its shrinking political base with the help of the politics of social justice. The party can increase its political base only by correcting the social equations according to the reality of the current politics.

Changed stance on women’s reservation

Congress’s changed stand on women’s reservation is a clear indication of this. The social justice and empowerment group in Chintan Shivir, after two days of deliberations, came to the conclusion of supporting the proposal of quota within quota in women’s reservation. The Congress was against it till the Chintan meeting, and even after the passage of the Women’s Reservation Bill in the Rajya Sabha under the UPA government, it could not make its way in the Lok Sabha.

quota to be fixed separately

Then the allies of Congress as well as parties like SP and BSP raised the demand for quota within quota. In such a situation, when asked the reason for this turn, the head of this group of Congress, Salman Khurshid and member Kumari Selja said that today’s social and political reality has changed a lot. The demand of the changed time is to set a separate quota for OBC, SC-ST in women’s reservation.

Congress Working Committee will take final decision

On the proposal to implement reservation for OBC category in Parliament and Legislative Assemblies, Salman Khurshid said that the discussion has started on this and we believe that the need of the hour is to move forward on it. The Congress Working Committee will consider this proposal on Sunday and take a final decision.

Preparing to support caste census

Selja said that it is the proof of Congress’s commitment towards social justice that we have prepared a proposal to give 50 percent reservation to OBC, SC-ST, minorities and women at every level of the organization. Congress’s uneasiness to break the dominance of the BJP and regional parties in the OBC category and make a place for itself is also reflected in the fact that the party is now almost ready to support the caste census. A proposal for advocating caste census has also been made in the Chintan Shivir.

Edited By: Krishna Bihari Singh