Congress councilor murder case: CBI took the accused of killing a councilor in Bengal with a betel nut of 30 lakhs

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In the murder case of Congress councilor Tapan Kandu of Purulia, West Bengal, the shooter Shashibhushan Singh alias Munna Singh from Gabarsahi in the city was nabbed by the CBI with the help of Muzaffarpur Police. Shashibhushan, a resident of Teja Dumri in Paru, had taken refuge in Muzaffarpur after the massacre. After the political assassination came in the headlines, the CBI is investigating this case.

CBI got inputs about Shashi Bhushan taking shelter in Muzaffarpur. After which, in a joint action, he was arrested from the house of a textile businessman located in Shrigar Colony of the city. A regular loaded pistol was recovered from him. During interrogation, Shashibhushan admitted that he had killed the Congress leader by taking a betel nut worth 30 lakhs along with the notorious Kalwar Singh of Bakare. 10 lakh advance was received.

Since childhood, he lives in Bekara with his family. It was during this time that he got acquainted with Kalwar Singh. After the murder of the Congress leader, he came to Muzaffarpur. He lives in a rented house with his wife near Paras Mall in Bairia. Last night, his friend came to the textile business in Gabarsahi. CBI was in the city for a week. Last night, CBI and police raided and caught him.

The CBI produced him in the special CBI court in Muzaffarpur for taking him on transit remand. After the hearing, the court allowed the Bengal CBI to be taken on transit remand. The CBI will present him in a special court in Purulia. The police officer says that a case of carrying out this incident in political rivalry by taking betel nut has come to the fore.

During the raid, three people were arrested along with Shashi Bhushan Singh. In which the right has been discarded. A suspect is being interrogated. However, he has nothing to do with the murder. He has a case of alcoholism against him.

After winning the municipal election, Tapan was the chief councilor’s contender
On the evening of March 13, 2022, Congress councilor Tapan Kandu of Ward-2 of Jhalda town of Purulia district was shot dead during a walk in the evening. Tapan had won the municipal election from the number one ward of Jhalda municipality as a Congress candidate. Tapan Kandu was being considered as the chief councilor’s contender.

After his murder, there was a lot of ruckus and uproar in Purulia. After the matter escalated, on 6 April, the investigation of the case was handed over to the CBI on the orders of the Kolkata High Court. City DSP Ramnaresh Paswan said that the accused has been handed over to the CBI. DIU in-charge Sujauddin and in-charge SHO Mani Bhushan Kumar were involved in the raid.

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