Congress eyeing the upper caste in the by-election: More than half of the 20 star campaigners of the Congress are from the upper caste, trying to break into the Muslim vote bank

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The Congress on Tuesday released the list of 20 star campaigners for the by-elections to be held in Tarapur and Kusheshwar Sthan seats. Not keeping any Yadav leader in this list means that Congress has agreed that Yadav vote bank will go towards Tejashwi Yadav. Congress has not even placed any backward leader in this list. Nitish Kumar’s party JDU’s hold on the very backward vote bank is considered good.

In this sense, Congress’s list of huge-looking star campaigners does not have any power to break Lalu Prasad’s Yadav vote bank and Nitish Kumar’s backward vote bank. Five of the star campaigners are Muslims. Tariq Anwar, Dr. Shakeel Ahmed, Dr. Mohd. Congress wants to cultivate Muslim vote bank through Javed, Shakeel Ahmed Khan and Imran Pratapgarhi. Barring Seemanchal, the RJD is believed to have captured the vote bank of Muslims in other places. By going to the wedding of Shahabuddin’s son, Tejashwi also tried to cultivate this vote bank. The challenge is how much Congress can bring this vote bank to its side by breaking it from RJD.

Who is the target vote bank of Congress

The list of Congress star campaigners shows that the entire focus of the Congress is on the upper caste, Dalit and Muslim vote bank. Leaders like Madan Mohan Jha, Ajit Sharma, Nikhil Kumar, Dr. Akhilesh Singh, Shatrughan Singha, Anil Sharma, Kirti Azad, Avashed Singh, Premchand Mishra, Kanhaiya Kumar and Amita Bhushan are from the upper castes in this list. Of the 20 star campaigners, a dozen are only from the upper castes, while the real fight is with RJD and JDU. You can also understand from the brief introduction of some of these Congress campaigners, who is the target vote bank of Congress?

Meera Kumar

Meira Kumar is the daughter of Jagjivan Ram and has been the Speaker of the Lok Sabha. In this sense, there are leaders of great stature in the Congress. The Congress also wants to use them to consolidate the Dalit vote bank. Especially in Kusheshwar place, the number of Musahars is high, so RJD has nominated Ganesh Bharti of Musahar caste from there. Congress can get some benefit of Meira Kumar’s stay here.

Dr. Shakeel Ahmed

Dr. Shakeel Ahmed has been a Union Minister. He has also been the President of State Congress. If Congress did not give ticket in 2019, then rebelled against the Grand Alliance and contested as independents and lost. Will try to shift Muslim vote bank towards Congress.

Dr. Shatrughan Sinha

He has been a minister in the BJP government. Contested Lok Sabha elections from Patna Sahib on Congress ticket. Wife Poonam Singha fought on SP ticket in Lucknow. Son Luv Sinha fought on Congress ticket. All three were rejected by the public in the election. Known as Bihari Babu. But, it remains to be seen how much you can silence the RJD in Bihar.

Dr. Mohd. javed

Member of Parliament from Kishanganj. Congress has the only MP in Bihar. In the 2019 Lok Sabha elections, when the RJD could not win a single seat, this Congress MP had won. He is a leader with regional identity. It will be the responsibility of getting Muslim votes.

Dr. Anil Sharma

Has been the state president of Congress. He is a senior leader and a recognized vocal leader. They are Bhumihars by caste. But, the Congress has been demanding that people from all areas of Bihar and from all castes and classes should be given place in important posts.

Kirti Azad

He has been a famous player of cricket. Bhagwat Jha, who was the Chief Minister, is the son of Azad. A familiar face. Are Brahmins by caste.

Imran Pratapgarhi

The All India Congress Minorities Department in Congress is the President. Coming from Uttar Pradesh. He is a well-known poet. He has a different identity especially for political poetry. Look at one of his lions – ‘Who does love, who does politics, I know who protects me, I have kept the shame of the elderly here, otherwise, everyone grows up in pieces, who does rebellion.’

Dr. Kanhaiya Kumar

Coming from CPI to Congress. There are well-known leaders of JNU’s student politics, but in the list of star campaigners, Congress has placed it at number 17. There is an image of a young leader speaking logically against the Prime Minister. Has lost the Lok Sabha elections against Giriraj Singh from Begusarai. They are Bhumihars by caste. But it is believed that the youth will compete with Tejashwi’s image.

Hardik Patel

The Patidar movement in Gujarat has come into the limelight. Youth leaders. His name is that’s why the party hopes that the crowd will mobilize well.

jignesh mevani

The Dalits of Gujarat have been fighting for the issues. From that he was recognized and then became an independent MLA. Did not take formal membership of Congress, but has been seen a lot on Congress forums. It has been announced that the next election will be fought on Congress ticket.

Amita Bhushan

They are Bhumihars by caste. For the first time, she became an MLA from the Grand Alliance in 2015, after which she lost in the elections held in 2020. Congress has made a star campaigner to show its female face. But, there is no bigger face than former MP Ranjeeta Ranjan, who has not been made a star campaigner by the party.


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