New Delhi (JNN). The Congress, which has already reached a bad position, is now being forced to bear the wounds of its own leaders. The internal battle of Congress is also not hidden from anyone. Already, the party appears to be divided into two camps regarding the issue of the president. Now Manish Tewari has also played a big role in making this bad situation of the party worse. Actually, he has written a book. In this book, he has strongly criticized the Manmohan Singh government of the Congress. This criticism has been made on the issue of Pakistan’s attack in Mumbai and the Congress government not responding to it.

In his book, he has described it as a failure of the then Congress government. He has also written that India should have taken action against Pakistan. The lack of action by the Government of India was a sign of its weakness. Criticizing his own government, he has even written that when Pakistan did not feel any pain for shedding innocent blood, there was no strength to show restraint by remaining silent, but it was a sign of weakness. India should have taken strong action against Pakistan after 26/11.

He compared the 26/11 attack in Mumbai to the 9/11 attack in America. Let us tell you that only after the 9/11 attack did America step into Afghanistan and the land there was shaken by the echo of the bombs. After this book by Manish Tewari, BJP has also started besieging the Congress. Let us tell you that there is already a rift inside the Congress regarding Salman Khurshid’s book. Manish Tewari’s book on this has worked to increase the difficulties of the party. In his book, he has also written that after the Mumbai attack, the Indian Air Force wanted to take action in Pakistan, but the then UPA government did not allow it to do so.

Manish Tewari named his book ’10 Flash Points; 20 Years – National Security Situations that Impacted India. In one of his tweets, he has written that this book is on the silence held during the two decades of the UPA government. Significantly, during the Mumbai attack, the Congress had suffered a great loss, due to which the then Home Minister Shivraj Patil was made. At that time it was alleged that Shivraj Patil had been terrified by the Mumbai terror attack, only changing his clothes to attend various events.

Edited By: Kamal Verma