Congress’s comment on Prime Minister Narendra Modi: Rajiv Shukla said – fulfill the promises made earlier on Himachal tour, reprimand Jai Ram Thakur

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Ahead of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s visit to Mandi tomorrow, Congress has taken a jibe at him. Himachal Congress in-charge Rajiv Shukla said in a press conference in Delhi on Friday that the Himachal government is misleading the Prime Minister and holding a rally of youth, because the youth of Himachal are the most troubled.

He said that the youth of the state are unemployed. The youth of Himachal contribute 4 percent in the army. Himachal also got the first Param Vir Chakra, but the youth here are hurt by the Agniveer recruitment scheme. More than 68 thousand government posts are lying vacant, which Jairam government is not able to fill. Recruitment papers are getting leaked.

Reprimand Jairam Sarkar: Shukla

Rajiv Shukla urged Prime Minister Modi to reprimand Jairam Sarkar before addressing the rally and asked why there is so much unemployment. Why are so many posts vacant? Why has the state been burdened with so much debt? 70 thousand crore debt has been done and Jairam ji is doing election rallies with government funds. Himachal’s apple industry is in trouble because of the policies of the Modi government.

PM betrayed Himachal’s promise: Rathore

All India Congress spokesperson and former state president Kuldeep Rathore said that whenever the Prime Minister comes to Himachal, the people of the state feel that the Prime Minister will give some gift. Last time too many promises were made before the elections, but they were not fulfilled. Narendra Modi had promised to the gardeners of the state to 100% import duty on apples, but this promise has not been fulfilled till date. This has put the apple industry in danger.

Promise of juice in Coke and Pepsi is also a jumla: Rathore

Kuldeep Rathore said that in the market itself the Prime Minister has said that 5 percent natural fruit juice will be available in bottled Pepsi, Coke. This will increase the demand for other fruits including apples and gardeners will get benefit. This promise also proved to be a jumla.

Dropping rates as soon as Adani fixes the rate

Kuldeep Rathore said that Adani buys 10 lakh boxes in Himachal. It affects the rate of apples. Last year, Adani bought apples from gardeners for Rs 72. This year the price has come down to Rs 60. This apple is being sold in the market for Rs 250 to 300. He has urged the Prime Minister to take cognizance of the exploitation of the gardeners by Adani.

Government sitting with a horoscope on 1134 crore World Bank project: Rathore

Kuldeep Rathore said that the previous government approved the World Bank project of Rs 1134 crore. This led to the renewal of apple orchards. The present government is sitting with a horoscope on this. There came a time when the World Bank had warned the Himachal government of canceling the project. Schell disease occurred in 1982–83.

To prevent this, the Congress government gave subsidy on medicines to the gardeners. Jairam Sarkar closed it. Will the Prime Minister take cognizance of this matter? Kuldeep Rathore has also demanded to talk something on Himachal’s loan of 70 thousand crore rupees and give an economic package. Along with this, he has demanded to withdraw the 18 per cent GST imposed on the cartons.

Tribal status to Hati is a jumla: Shukla

On the promise of giving tribal status to Hati community, Rajeev Shukla said that it seems that it is an election jumla. If Hati is to be given tribal status, then its formalities should be completed by convening a session of Parliament.

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