Controversial statement of AAP leader in Gujarat: In a public meeting in Somnath, Jagmal Vala enumerated the benefits of drinking alcohol

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Aam Aadmi Party chief Arvind Kejriwal, who recently visited Gujarat, had accused the BJP government that people were dying by drinking spurious liquor here. If his government comes, it will be dealt with strictly. Meanwhile, a candidate of his own party enumerated the benefits of drinking alcohol during a public meeting in Somnath.

Liquor ban in the country only in Gujarat: Jagmal
While addressing the public meeting, Jagmal Wala said- ‘800 crore people live in 196 countries in the world. People living in all these countries have complete freedom to drink alcohol. The population of India is 130-140 crores and the whole country is exempted from drinking alcohol. Liquor is banned only in Gujarat, which proves that alcohol is not bad. Big doctors, IAS and IPS officers drink alcohol.

Jagmal Wala has been declared the candidate of AAP from Somnath assembly seat.

Jagmal should apologize: BJP
The ruling Bharatiya Janata Party on Wednesday evening demanded an apology from Jagmal Vala for “maligning” Gujarat and promoting alcohol consumption. Let us tell you, at the end of this year, assembly elections are to be held in Gujarat. Aam Aadmi Party has so far released the list of its 29 candidates. In these, Jagmal Wala has been declared the party’s candidate from Somnath assembly seat of Somnath district.

Purushottam Rupala reacted.

Will not be seen after elections: Purushottam Rupala
On this statement of Jagmal Vala, Union Fisheries Minister Purushottam Rupala said, ‘Seasonal leaders should not be taken seriously. If the time is fixed, they will not be visible after December. The people of Gujarat are very intelligent. They will settle them.

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