Beijing, ANI. Even though now in most countries around the world, Kovid-19 (Covid-19 Cases) There is a decrease in the number of cases. but china (China) Corona cases have started increasing once again. Due to which the lockdown has been imposed again in some parts of Beijing on Sunday. Parts of Beijing were again under lockdown on Sunday due to the mismanagement of Xi Jinping’s zero-Covid policy, as the pandemic continues to spread to more cities in China.

China’s Global Times, citing a statement by Xu, a government spokesman in Hejiang, reported that authorities have imposed a lockdown in Chaoyang, Fengtai, Shunyi and Fangshan districts as well as Haidian district. According to Chinese media reports, all indoor entertainment venues, gyms, training institutes and shopping malls have been closed from today except restaurants offering delivery services and pharmacies.

The Global Times cited a statement that all classified sightseeing places in the capital will remain closed, while also asking all parks to limit visits to 30 percent of capacity. In addition, residents of five districts in Beijing have been asked to work from home until May 28, as the status of domestically transmitted COVID-19 remains uncertain.

However, explaining the reasons for the increase in sporadic cases, Xu said the condition of Covid-19 is complicated by the highly contagious Omicron, with most patients showing only mild symptoms. He also said that people’s negligence towards COVID-19 precautionary norms has also contributed to the cluster outbreak, which intensifies the transmission risk of the infection.

According to the National Health Commission’s report today, China reported 157 locally transmitted Covid-19 cases on Saturday, of which Beijing reported 52 new locally transmitted COVID-19 cases and 9 locally asymptomatic. Cases have been confirmed. China’s much-hyped ‘zero-Covid’ strategy that the government recently credited with pulling the country out of the pandemic is crumbling. The rapidly increasing cases of Covid-19 in the last few days have forced China to impose a lockdown. As seen in the year 2020.

Edited By: Mohd Faisal