Bhagalpur. Crores of rupees are lying in the account of Sports Council of Tilkamanjhi Bhagalpur University (TMBU). Despite this, the players here also have to struggle a lot to play. Whenever the university team has to go to the state or national level sports, they have to take the path of agitation. The process of funding here is so complicated and complicated that many times the team of TMBU has to face the problems at the national level. Even after this the situation remains the same. For small to big games in TMBU, if the team has to go outside Bihar, then they prepare for it. When they reach the Sports Council for entry, the officials also refer them to the fund. After much contemplation, the file is extended to the university by the Sports Council, but the same file keeps moving from one table to another. Some officials unnecessarily obstruct the game file. This is the reason that when the team goes from here to take part in another university competition, it cannot perform better. On January 5, the team of TMBU went to Chhattisgarh to participate in the Inter University Kabaddi competition. Before going there, before going to the university several times, but the file of expenditure kept moving here and there, citing the vice-chancellor in charge. Players had to go to play at their own expense. When the players entered the field, the game was stopped due to lack of jersey and shoes as per the standard. Then the players of TMBU had to play by taking jerseys from the players of Munger University and mats shoes from the players of Dumka University. This caused great inconvenience to the university. On 25 April, the TMBU cricket team was to visit the Kalinga Institute of Industrial Technology, Bhubaneswar, to participate in the East Zone Inter University tournament. Since April 20, continuous cricket players got upset while circling the university. Those people had given up hope because of the university’s screw, but Sports Secretary Dr. Sunil Kumar Singh sent the players to play matches at his own expense. Otherwise the players would not be able to go.


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The players had some trouble going to the sports competitions. Efforts are being made that they should not face any problem in getting their participation in the game and in the supply of resources.

– Dr. Niranjan Prasad Yadav, Registrar TMBU

Edited By: Jagran