New Delhi, Business Desk. Crores of rupees are deposited with the government, which has become a headache for it. These rupees belong to thousands of officers who retired many years ago but did not come to claim the arrears of their rank pay. The department is also compelled because it does not have their whereabouts and in other places it is writing letters asking for the details of these retired officers. This cycle continues for many years.

Which officers are involved

According to Dr. Rajiv Chavan, IDAS of Principal Controller of Defense Accounts (Officers), on the orders of the Supreme Court, the pay of thousands of officers has been refixed since January 1, 1986. This happened by not deducting their rank pay. According to the order of the Supreme Court, these officers have to pay interest at the rate of 6 percent on their ramp pay from January 1, 2006. Although usually when the money is deposited in the account of the government, it earns interest, but in this case it will have to be paid from its own. That is, for the number of days he will have the amount of Ramp Pay deposited, he will have to pay interest till then.

what is the problem

According to Dr. Rajeev Chavan, PCDA Pune had to pay Rs 5,74,20,73,914 to 52330 Veterans. But out of these, the payment of 5299 retired officers is stuck. This is because their home address or bank details are not with the department. Due to this he is not able to transfer the amount. On the contrary, he will also have to pay hefty interest.

Order sent to Allahabad office

According to Dr. Rajeev Chavan, since the office of PCDA (P), Allahabad maintains all the records including the rolls of the pensioners, it should provide other details like address and phone number. According to Dr. Rajeev Chavan, HQ CGDA, New Delhi is asking the beneficiary to pay the rank pay arrears at the earliest. Therefore, it is requested to remove the details, address, mobile number, email of retired officers from the database.

Edited By: Ashish Deep