New Delhi, PTI. There was no change in the prices of Petrol-Diesel on Wednesday as well, but the prices of crude oil are increasing continuously. Crude oil prices have risen to $ 84 per barrel on Wednesday. Benchmark Brent crude oil was at $ 82.74 per barrel on November 5, 2021. But on December 1, it came down to $ 68.87 per barrel. After this, rates started rising and on Wednesday the price of crude rose to $ 83.82 per barrel. Let us tell you that from 4th November 2021, the prices of petrol and diesel in the country are under control. Excise duty was cut by the central government on that day.

Excise duty cut in November

This is the longest period of no increase in oil prices since the daily price revision in June 2017. Excise duty on diesel was cut by Rs 10 per liter and on petrol by Rs 5 per liter on November 4, 2021, leading to reduction in retail pump rates. On that day, most of the BJP-ruled states cut the local sales tax or VAT to give a big relief to the consumers.

Prices did not increase from November 4

Other states like Punjab and Delhi cut the rates at a later date, but the base price of petrol and diesel has remained the same from November 4. Petrol in Delhi costs Rs 95.41 per liter and diesel costs Rs 86.67.

price in cities

In Kolkata too, the prices remained stable at Rs 89.79 and Rs 104.67 respectively. It is available at Rs 94.14 and Rs 109.98 in Mumbai. In Chennai also, 1 liter of oil is available for Rs 91.43 and Rs 101.40. Diesel and petrol prices did not change across the country on Wednesday, but retail rates differ based on taxes at the local level.

Edited By: Ashish Deep