New Delhi, Lifestyle Desk. If you want to look beautiful overall, then it is necessary to take regular care of the body. To look beautiful, it is not necessary to look beautiful only on the face, but it is necessary for all the parts of the body to look beautiful, clean and shiny. We use different types of creams, chemical products and many types of treatments for face care, only then our face looks beautiful. Do we take care of our hands and feet as much as we care for the face. Yes, we are talking about the elbows and knees of the hands, which if not cleaned then they start turning black.

The darkening of knees and elbows comes due to dead cells, excessive friction, exposure to the sun and pollution. When we wear a half sleep dress, the elbows look very bad. If you have blackness in your elbows and knees, then to remove it, you can get rid of blackness by using some things present in the kitchen. Let us know how to remove the blackness of knees and elbows at home.

Properties of Lemon, Yogurt and Honey

Lemon is a natural bleach that will remove darkening of elbows and knees. Yogurt is not only a great moisturizer that will moisturize the skin of the knees and elbows, but also add a glow to the skin. Honey makes the skin very soft and supple. Using all these things together will make your knees and elbows look beautiful and smooth.


  • half teaspoon lemon juice
  • 2 tablespoons of curd
  • one tablespoon besan
  • One teaspoon honey and one pinch turmeric

How to use –

  • Put two spoons of curd in a small bowl and add one spoon of gram flour. Make a paste by mixing both the things well. Take care that the paste is not too thick.
  • Add a few drops of lemon to the prepared paste and also add honey. You can also add a pinch of turmeric to it.
  • The paste is ready, apply it on the black areas of the elbows and knees and leave it for 15 minutes. After drying, wash with lukewarm water and then apply moisturizer. You can use this paste daily.

Edited By: Shahina Noor