Death of a woman who jumped in front of the train: written in the suicide note of one line, I am giving my life by my own will

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On Thursday, a woman committed suicide by jumping in front of a train under Bhadwasia flyover in Jodhpur city. The woman is giving her life voluntarily. This woman living in Sardarpura area had gone out on morning walk this morning. After that did not return. On the other hand the family was looking for him. However, the identity of the deceased woman could not be ascertained. Later, on receiving information about a woman jumping in front of a train, the family members reached the spot and identified her.

According to the police, 37-year-old Deepmala Mutha, a resident of Shanishchar Thana area, died after colliding with a train under Bhadwasia flyover today. The woman jumped in front of the train with the intention of committing suicide. Due to the collision of the engine, she jumped away and she stopped breathing there. Some people of the area informed the police. Police reached the spot, tried to identify. A one-line suicide note was found from the woman, in which it was written that I am giving my life of my own will. Police kept the body in the mortuary.

On the other hand, the relatives of the deceased were searching for him since morning. On receiving information about the death of a woman after being hit by a train in Bhadwasia area, they reached the spot and identified the body as Deepmala’s wife Abhishek Mutha. Her husband has a business. The woman has two children. Later, the people of the Pehar side of the deceased also reached the hospital. He also did not express any doubt on anyone. Later, on the report of the brother-in-law of the deceased, the police registered a case.

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