Washington, ANI. Scientists believe that if the time of sitting continuously is reduced, then the risk of lifestyle diseases can be reduced. In a recent study published in the journal ‘Science and Medicine in Sport’, researchers have said that cutting down on sitting time to even an hour daily and doing light exercise can help prevent lifestyle diseases. Meets.

Inactive adults included

Researchers from the Turku PET Center and UKK Institute in Finland focused the study on whether physical benefits could be achieved by reducing sitting time and exercising. Participants in the research included type-2 diabetic and heart patients as well as physically inactive adults.

These participants were included

According to researcher Taru Garthwaite from the University of Turku, “The physical activity of participants in the active and inactive categories of the research was regularly measured with an accelerometer for three months. In earlier studies, activity was usually measured for only a few days at the beginning and end.’

Diabetes will be controlled, liver will also remain healthy

The researchers found that the group that added exercise to the routine while reducing sitting time by 50 minutes had significant benefits in sugar and insulin levels and liver health.

this easy solution

Researcher Taru Garthwaite said it is an encouraging idea that health benefits can be achieved by reducing sitting time and increasing light physical activity. For many, this may be an easier solution than increasing the actual exercise. By reducing the amount of time spent sitting, the development of diseases such as diabetes and heart disease can be slowed down.

Edited By: Krishna Bihari Singh