Delhi Capitals vs Chennai Super Kings Live Score, Over 16 to 20 Latest Cricket Score Updates

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Check out the full scorecard and commentary of the match between Chennai Super Kings and Delhi Capitals being played at Dr. D.Y.Patil Stadium Academy, Navi Mumbai.

Delhi’s one win one loss streak continues here as well. Pant and Army were once again deprived of two consecutive victories. The toss is going in the interest of the team but the result is not going in their favor. Along with bowling, the batting also seems to be a complete flop of this team. Also, in today’s run chase, a big collapse which has been seen has drowned Delhi. On the other hand, Ruturaj Gaikwad and Devon Kanway were heroes in the first innings for Chennai, in this second innings a superhero named Moeen Ali appeared.

Chennai beat Delhi by 91 runs!! This will be the biggest defeat for any team this season in terms of runs. Delhi team scattered like a pack of cards. The players of Chennai today made him eat all four. MS Dhoni, as soon as this player took over the command of the team, one victory after the other seems to be going to the account of the Yellow Army. Delhi looks utterly despondent, now here.

17.4 overs (0 Run)
Out!!! Clean Bold!!! With this, Chennai beat Delhi by 91 runs!! Dwayne Bravo got the second wicket in the same over. Khaleel Ahmed returned to the pavilion on the very first ball. Here is the mark of a champion bowling, set fielding for a bouncer on the leg side and bowled a slow low full toss. The batsmen dodged at the pace and thought of defending at the last minute. The ball hit his feet and went straight to the stumps. With this, Bravo did his champion dance. 117/10 Delhi|

Khaleel Ahmed came to the field to bat…

17.3 overs (0 Run)
Out!! Catch Out!!! c MS Dhoni b Dwayne Bravo| A brilliant catch by Dhoni behind the wicket. Dives to his left and catches the ball. We saw Dhoni flying behind the wicket. Wow oh wow!!! The ball was put on the pads, which was flicked in the direction of fine leg. The ball took the outer edge of the bat and went quickly to the right of the keeper. Dhoni ended Shardul’s innings by taking a brilliant catch there. 117/9 Delhi|
Chennai vs Delhi: Match 55: WICKET!  Shardul Thakur c MS Dhoni b Dwayne Bravo 24 (19b, 2x4, 1x6).  DC 117/9 (17.3 Ov).  Target: 209;  RRR: 36.80

17.2 overs (4 runs)
Two back to back fours! Lofts the ball in the air over the fielder towards the covers. Ball crosses the boundary line for four runs.
Chennai vs Delhi: Match 55: Shardul Thakur hits Dwayne Bravo for a 4!  DC 117/8 (17.2 Ov).  Target: 209;  RRR: 34.50

17.1 overs (4 runs)
Choke! Robust Punch Shot from Lord Thakur!! Played the off-stump ball from the back foot to the point. A gap was found and the ball easily went out for four runs.
Chennai vs Delhi: Match 55: Shardul Thakur hits Dwayne Bravo for a 4!  DC 113/8 (17.1 Ov).  Target: 209;  RRR: 33.88

16.6 overs (0 Run)
Pushed forward towards mid-off. The ball hit the fielder, did not get a chance to run. 109/8 Delhi after 17 overs, need 100 runs in 18 balls to win.

16.5 overs (0 Run)
Pushes the ball towards mid off. Couldn’t get a run chance.

16.4 overs (0 Run)
A cover drive was made but an opportunity for a run could not be made.

16.3 overs (1 Run)
Punch the ball with front foot, one run is given.

16.2 overs (6 runs)
six!!! Big hit coming from Shardul’s bat!!! Delhi team will need a lot of shots like this right now. On the ball forward, the batsman plays a shot towards long on. Hitting the middle bat, the ball went straight into the stands.
Chennai vs Delhi: Match 55: It's a SIX!  Shardul Thakur hits Maheesh Theekshana.  DC 108/8 (16.2 Ov).  Target: 209;  RRR: 27.55

16.1 overs (0 Run)
Flicked the ball while staying in the crease but could not get the gap.

15.6 overs (0 Run)
Played the ball short across the length to the front. The bowler caught the ball himself.

15.5 overs (1 Run)
Played the ball towards long on, a run is scored.

15.4 overs (1 Run)
On a short ball in the length, the batsman plays a shot towards the off side and runs away quickly and takes a run.

15.3 overs (0 Run)
No run, punch shot from back foot but straight towards the fielder.

15.3 overs (1 Run)
Wide!!! The ball bowled by the bouncer is allowed by the batsman to go towards the keeper. Leg umpire gives wide over here.

Time out time!! A break of two and a half minutes where for the first time no team will be seen strategizing but drinking water because the match is like this recently. Delhi need 110 runs from 28 balls and Chennai need two wickets to win. Will this be the biggest defeat of the season? Maybe yes

Enrique Nortje is the next batsman…

15.2 overs (0 Run)
Out!!! Catch Out!!! Eighth wicket falling for Delhi team!! Simarjit Singh got the second wicket. Kuldeep Yadav returned to the pavilion after scoring 5 runs. Goes to put a pull shot on the short ball in the length. Dodged by the speed and bounce of the ball. The ball quickly hit the top part of the bat and went into the air towards the point. Fielder Robin Uthappa, who made no mistake, caught the catch. 99/8 Delhi|
Chennai vs Delhi: Match 55: WICKET!  Kuldeep Yadav c Robin Uthappa b Simarjeet Singh 5 (17b, 0x4, 0x6).  DC 99/8 (15.2 Ov).  Target: 209;  RRR: 23.57

15.1 overs (0 Run)
No run, punched the ball with great timing but didn’t find a gap.

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