New Delhi [निहाल सिंह], 3141 posts have been abolished from the Municipal Corporation of Delhi, which came into existence in the capital after the abolition of the erstwhile three corporations (North, South and East). In the erstwhile corporations where there were 150557 posts. The total number of posts in the schedule of posts issued by the Unified Corporation has been reduced from 3141 posts to 147416. If more than three thousand posts are reduced, the expenses of the corporation will be reduced on this. Although this will not make much difference to the officers and employees currently working, but the future appointments will be reduced.

One to the post of three commissioners

According to the schedule of posts of the corporation, where there were three commissioners in the earlier three corporations, the post of one commissioner has been replaced in the unified corporation. Apart from this, the posts of six additional commissioners have been made in place of ten additional commissioners in the three corporations. Along with this, there will be one post of a Chief Accountant and Financial Advisor. Its rank will be equal to that of Additional Commissioner. Similarly, there will be only one director of 30 departments along with one corporation secretary.

The personnel will be five and the posts will be made four.

There may be problems in some departments in the schedule of posts. Four posts have been fixed for the post of Assistant Director in the Directorate of Press and Information. While three assistant directors are already working in this department on a permanent basis, offer letters have been sent to two candidates who have passed the examination from DSSB for the post of assistant director. In such a situation, on what position an assistant director will work, it is a question mark.

DBC employees did not get relief

Domestic Breeding Checkers (DBCs), working to prevent mosquito-borne diseases, have not got any relief in the new schedule of posts. He hoped that he would be accommodated in some other post or DBC. However, correspondence is going on in the Municipal Corporation and Delhi Government for the creation of his post. In such a situation, the chances of them becoming regular immediately are less. In the Schedule of Posts, the Public Health Department has been given the right to appoint DBCs according to their needs.

Post of Principal Director made in Horticulture Department

The corporation has created a new post in the Horticulture Department. It has been named as Principal Director (Horden). The number of posts has been kept the same. While two posts have been made of Director (Horden). After the amalgamation of the erstwhile corporations, the corporation had appointed three directors on the basis of the list of seniority. But now with the creation of the post of a Principal Director (Horden) Director-1 Alok Singh is more likely to become the Principal Director. The other two directors will continue to function on the basis of seniority list. This is the only department in which a new post has been created. Similarly, the posts of three corporation health officers have been reduced to two. Whereas after integration, three corporation health officers were made.

Edited By: Prateek Kumar