Demonstration of farmers in Yamunanagar on 28: Chaduni said – Government wants to snatch the land of Mushtarka, will burn copies of SC orders

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State President of Bharatiya Kisan Union, Gurnam Singh Chaduni, who reached Yamunanagar in Haryana, said that on September 28, there will be a big demonstration. In this, it was decided to burn the copies of the orders of the Supreme Court in the cases of Mushtarka Shamlat land etc. In order to gather more and more farmers in the demonstration, Chadhuni is also conducting panchayats from village to village.

Gurnam Chaduni reached Yamunanagar on Thursday. Here he held Kisan Sabhas in two villages Jairampur and Rampur. Chaduni said that the government wants to snatch the Mushtarka land, but the Bharatiya Kisan Union will not allow it to happen. We will gather at Kanhaiya Chowk on September 28 in Yamunanagar regarding this. From here, they will march to the district secretariat and burn copies of the orders of the Supreme Court and the letters sent by the Haryana government.

There have been many demonstrations in the past regarding this, but the government is procrastinating. If the government does not agree, then we will make such a big movement about it that it will become a noose around the government’s neck. We will not allow the farmers’ lands to be snatched at any cost. No matter what sacrifice has to be made for this, we will not back down.

The statement of a minister of the central government has also come that we are going to give land to big industrialists. So far 27000 acres of land has gone to the land bank. The government is also snatching the donated lands, but we will not allow this to happen.

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