Dengue havoc continues in UP: Cases are increasing continuously, 190 new patients found in UP on Wednesday, so far more than 11 thousand 690 dengue infected cases in the state

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Dengue figures are becoming frightening in Uttar Pradesh, which is sweltering with fever. The number of infected is continuously increasing. On Wednesday, 190 dengue symptomatic patients have been found in the state. Out of this, 23 patients are from Lucknow. Here also the number of dengue infected is increasing day by day. The situation is also worrying because a large number of children are also seen to be in the grip of dengue. At present, mosquito-borne and bacterial diseases are on the rise in UP and waterlogging and filth do not seem to provide relief from diseases like scrubtyphus, leptospirosis and dengue-malaria.

The hospital is full of fever victims

All the major hospitals of the state including Lucknow are full of fever patients. Patients who are moaning with fever do not have to struggle for treatment. Since January 1, the number of patients has increased to more than 11 thousand 690. Meanwhile, the on-site inspection of the medical team is going on under the campaign at homes. During this, notices were issued on Tuesday on the finding of larvae in 23 houses in Lucknow.

Dengue patients are getting continuously in these areas of Lucknow

Do not allow water to accumulate in and around the house. Pay attention to waterlogging in the cooler, bathroom, kitchen. Spray mosquito larva killing oil in the collected water. Clean the water dripping tray of AC daily. Do not allow water to accumulate in the pot kept in the house. Do not keep broken cans, tyres, utensils, bottles etc. on the roof. Clean the utensil daily for giving feed and water to the birds. Wear clothes that cover the body completely. Make children wear full pants and full-sleeved shirts. If possible, sleep with a mosquito net.

take care of food

Take care of diet in fever. Eat digestible food with green vegetables, fruits. Drink plenty of liquids. Take water, soup, milk, buttermilk, coconut water, ORS solution, juice, shikanji etc. Do not eat stale and oily food.

alert about festival

Additional Chief Secretary Health Amit Mohan Prasad said that there will be an alert regarding the festival. People are also coming from non-states in this. In this case the infection may increase. Therefore, follow the Kovid protocol while leaving the house.


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