Dengue sting: Platelets can donate 15 days after vaccination

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These days, platelets are decreasing tremendously in the blood of patients suffering from dengue in hospitals. Whatever crowd is there in the blood bank, they are calling donors for their patient or donors are coming to donate platelets to a patient. Some donors are also reaching the blood bank, who have got the Karena vaccine a few days ago, after which these donors are being called to donate platelets 15 days after getting the vaccine.

At the same time, platelets are not being taken from donors who have got corona within 28 days. Apart from this, even if there is a dog bite or if you are taking any medicine for any disease continuously, you are not fit for donation. Blood Bank Incharge of Sector-6 Civil Hospital Dr. Manej Tyagi told that even if donor platelets are coming to us to donate, their complete investigation is being done. All these things are also being asked from those donors. Dr. Tyagi said that if there is no fever in dengue patients, it does not mean that the patient is completely cured.

Therefore, there should be no negligence on the part of the patient. Usually the warning signs begin 24 to 48 hours after the fever has subsided. If there is no fever, severe pain in the stomach between 24 to 48 hours, vomiting 3 times in 24 hours, then definitely tell the doctor. Apart from this, bleeding nose, feeling tired, feeling restless, dizziness, nervousness and high hematocrit with low platelets are also warning signs.

Platelets transfusion is needed only if it is less than 15 thousand
Blood Bank Incharge Dr. Manej Tyagi said that the relatives of patients having 34 thousand or 25 thousand platelets in the blood bank are also demanding platelets. Platelets are offered only to that patient, whose count is less than 15 thousand, because if it is less than 15 thousand, it is not known how many will go down at once. Apart from this, there are more chances of bleeding, due to which it is necessary to have platelets transfusion. In such a situation, patients of this category are more critical than patients with 25 to 30 thousand platelets. If they do not get platelets in this condition, they are referred. Platelet transfusion is needed only if the patient has less than 15,000 platelets.


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