Dengue sting: This time 1322 patients were found in Tricity, 976 in Mohali alone, 42 year old woman died in Chandigarh

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When Corona was controlled, dengue spread. This year 1322 dengue patients have been found in Tricity. In Mohali district alone, 976 patients have been found. In Chandigarh too, patients have started increasing from the last two-three. On October 10 and 11, 41 patients were found to be dengue positive. A 42-year-old woman died of dengue in Chandigarh on Tuesday. This is the first death due to dengue in the city this year. Parveen Rawat lived in Sector-27 and had fever since Saturday. Husband does government job. Parveen has two small children.

The victim woman was the receptionist at Guru Ka Langar Eye Hospital Sector-18. On Monday, he was taken to GMCH-32 when his health deteriorated. Here he was given medicines. GMCH-32 Director Principal Prof. Jasbinder Kaur told that the family members said that they do not want to stay in the hospital. The medicines which have been given, will be eaten at home itself. After this, Parveen’s health deteriorated at 4 in the morning and she was taken to GMCH-32, but by then it was too late.

If there is no bleeding then there is no need to offer platelets.
We collect 60 thousand units of blood in a whole year. 96% volunteers donate. More than 50 units of platelets are offered daily to the patients. Even after having 20,000 platelets, if the patient is not bleeding from the body, till then there is no need to transfuse platelets.
Dr. RR Sharma, HOD, Department of Blood Transfusion, PGI

Dengue cases will start to stop by the end of October
Health workers are not able to check the cooler, tank or other place where water collects. People are not allowing health workers to come to their homes due to Covid. There is an appeal to the people to let the team check the larvae. Wherever cases are coming from, fogging is being done there. By the end of October, dengue cases will start stopping.
Dr. Suman Singh, director health services

Do not take any medicine on your own, it lowers platelets
Do not take medicine at home if you have fever. Due to this, platelets start decreasing immediately.
Do get the test done. Platelets are depleting rapidly, so keep a donor of your blood group ready, so that platelets can be offered to them before the condition worsens.
Dr. Ashwani Bhatnagar, Medicine Specialist, General Hospital, Sector-6, Panchkula

Inputs: Manej Apreja/Sandeep Kaushik/Mohit Shankar

Here, even mosquitoes are confused by artificial light, now they can bite even at night.

(Nanu Joginder Singh) Dengue vaccine is already in the world before malaria, but still it is not recommended, because there are four serotypes of dengue. If antibodies remain in the body after vaccination and a virus with another serotype enters it, it increases antibody dependent enhancement (ADE). For this reason it is not promoted. However, the Taketa Company is in talks with TEA 003 in India.

Clinical trials are already underway in India for another company. This is to say that Dr. Indranil Banerjee, who is working on Dengue in the Indian Institute of Science Education and Research (Eiser). Dr. Banerjee has recently done research on the gene responsible for severe dengue, which is about to be published. Dr. Banerjee explains that it is generally believed that mosquito bites only two-three hours after sunrise in the morning and two to three hours before sunset in the evening, but now due to artificial light, mosquitoes are also confused and they bite at night. Can cut too.

Dr. Indranil says that when the weather becomes dry and the minimum temperature falls below 16 degrees, then it ends. Since there is no cure for dengue, it is important to get supportive treatment. If there is high fever, then get dengue serology test done without waiting and keep giving more and more liquids, so that the flow of blood is fine.


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