Devotees are reaching the temple to see the mother: Sharadiya Durga Puja was started 125 years ago from Ambajit village of Barkagaon, Corona guidelines are being followed

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In Barkagaon block, Ashwini Durga Puja is being celebrated with reverence following Kovid-19. Ashtami puja was performed in all the Ashwini Durga temples of the block in which women participated enthusiastically. It is to be known that 125 years old history of the beginning of Ashwini Durga Puja in Barkagaon block was created in Ambajit village. Durga Puja was started in Ambajit village in 1896 AD.

Now the idol is being worshiped in Ambajit, Badam, Gondalpura, Mahugai, Harli, Napo Khurd, Sandh, Barkagaon, Urub villages in the block. For the first time in the block, worship was started in the year 1896 in Ambajit village by Nandkishore Singh, Surendranath Mishra, Shrinath Singh, Kameshwar Singh, Akul Narayan Das and Sevak Singh. After this, Durga Puja was started in Napokhurd village in the year 1949 AD under the leadership of Gallo Sao, Shyamlal Sao, Petu Sao, Chhatru Sao and Siba Sao.

After this, 1951 AD in Barkagaon Daily Market. The worship was started under the leadership of Netlal Mahto, Narsingh Prasad, Doman Ravidas, Kani Sao, Dhupan Mahato, Ramlal Mistry. In the year 1958 AD, the worship was started in Gondalpura village by Gopal Chandra Chakraborty, Bulaki Gop, Mahadev Mahato, Govardhan Mahato, Lattu Mahato. At the same time, Durga Puja was started in Badam village in 1968 AD under the leadership of Foreign Mahato, Babulal Mahato, Jagdev Mahato, Jhaman Mahato, Bindeshwari Mahato.

In the year 1969 AD, the worship was started in Harli village under the leadership of Ramcharan Mahto, Lalo Mahto, Phukan Rana, Tilak Mahto. At the same time, in 1965 AD, Durga Puja was started in Urub village with the efforts of Loknath Singh, Dashrath Singh, Charandev Singh, Nirmal Kumar Singh, Tapeshwar Singh. In the year 1980 AD, worship was started in Sandh village under the leadership of people like Phanindra Mahto, Manohar Prasad, Murlidhar Dangi, Kheman Mahato etc.

At the same time, worship was started in Mahugai village in 2005. Worship is being done by the Barwadih Durga Puja Committee since the year 2013. The preparations for the puja have been almost completed by all the puja committees.


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