Religion is the only medium through which we can reach to the root of the solution of the problems. This is a powerful medium, which can take us away from the world of reflection and reach the original. Today we are running our journey on the shadow of the reflection. The original poor man is lying somewhere and Pratimab is being worshipped. Keeping our body healthy is the first goal of our life. The second goal is to keep the mind healthy, to be happy. The third goal is to have healthy feelings, to be pure. Do not let negative thoughts come, keep positive attitudes, keep developing friendship and compassion. All these are necessary to make the garden of life green, but the garden of life will not be green by irrigating the leaves.

The truth of religion is that one who is religious will surely change. It cannot be that someone is religious, practices religion and his life has not changed. To be religious means to embark on the journey of transformation, to set out towards transformation. From here the journey of a new life begins and the vibrations of spirituality are awakened in it. The illusion of the person is broken. The child sees the moon reflected in the water and tries to catch it. It is not the original moon, it is only its reflection. Problems are also colors of life, reflections, not origins. If we do not try to see the root and keep looking only at the image, then we will only get the image, we will not get the root. Finding the truth means not getting stuck on the reflection, moving forward and trying to reach the root. Violence is increasing a lot, terror has increased, suspicion of each other has increased, trust has decreased due to the false view that the image is the original. This false view has confused man so much that he is unable to take any decision. Religion can certainly help in this.

Lalit Garg


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