Did Russian fighter jets crash the American drone? America told provocative act, 10 big things

WorldDid Russian fighter jets crash the American drone? America told provocative...
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Did Russian fighter jets crash the American drone? The incident of a Russian jet colliding with an American drone in the Black Sea amid the Ukraine war has given rise to a new controversy. On this incident, the US military said that a Russian fighter jet refueled an American drone over the Black Sea and then collided with it, causing the drone to crash.

Important information related to the case:

  1. The United States uses the MQ-9 Reaper for both surveillance and attack, and has long conducted operations over the Black Sea, tracking Russian naval forces.

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    The MQ-9 Reaper drones can be armed with Hellfire air-to-surface missiles as well as laser-guided bombs and can fly over 1,700 km at altitudes of up to 15,000 metres.

  3. An enhanced version of the MQ-9 has field-retrofitable capabilities, such as wing-borne fuel pods and a new reinforced landing gear. It can increase the flight time of the aircraft from 27 hours to 34 hours.

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    The Sukhoi-27 ‘Flanker’ or Sukhoi-27 fighter aircraft, is a twin-engine, highly maneuverable fighter aircraft. It was designed by Sukhoi Design Bureau.

  5. In combat over hostile territory, the Sukhoi-27 can escort deep penetration strike aircraft and penetrate enemy airfields with ease.

  6. US Air Force General James Hacker said- ‘Our MQ-9 Reaper was on routine patrol in this area. This is international airspace. Here a Russian aircraft tried to intercept it. The drone is completely destroyed.

  7. After this incident, tension may increase in America and Russia. America says that the attitude of the Russian Airforce is extremely irresponsible and provocative. It cannot even be called a professional work out. We are probing the matter.

  8. It has been said in some media reports that the Russian Sukhoi-25 aircraft has shot down the American drone. America said that it would be ascertained whether it was an accident or our drone was deliberately shot down.

  9. Russia’s Defense Ministry has said that its fighter plane did not collide with the American drone, but the drone had already fallen into the Black Sea. Now the situation will be clear only after investigation.

  10. It is being told that this incident happened when the American drone and two fighter jets of Russia SU-27 were patrolling the international waters above the Black Sea.

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