New Delhi, Business Desk. With the advent of digital banking, customers have got the facility to do all the banking related work from home easily. But, digital banking (Digital Banking) There are also some associated dangers. Actually, there remains a big security threat in digital banking. In the recent past, a large number of cases of digital banking fraud have come to the fore. However, from time to time, banks have been giving tips to customers to make digital banking safe and secure. The country’s largest government bank SBI also keeps giving tips to its customers from time to time. Still, tips have been given on SBI’s website regarding this. State Bank of India wrote on its website, “Dear Customer, You are important to us! Ensure a secure digital banking experience with these tips.”

State Bank Of India Tips

  1. Do not click on any unknown link/attachment received over email/SMS.
  2. SBI never sends any link to collect your sensitive information.
  3. Do not share your financial details like Password/Card Number/CVV/OTP with anyone.
  4. Don’t be tempted by Rewards/Lottery/Income Tax Refund Email/SMS. This is the way to get your information.
  5. Please keep changing your password frequently.

Unknown links or attachments should be avoided

SBI has clearly stated in its in text that if any unknown link or unknown attachment is received by the customers through email or SMS, then there is a need to avoid it because cyber thugs use these links and attachments to collect such sensitive information of yours. Can be used for this, through which they can withdraw money from your bank account. In such a situation, he can clear the bank account of those persons who have clicked on that link or on the attachment.

Edited By: Lakshya Kumar