New Delhi, Jnn. TV actress Dipika Kakar and her husband Shoaib Ibrahim are one of the most talked about couples in the industry. Deepika and Shoaib often entertain fans with their vlogs and posts. Through their videos, both also talk a lot with the fans. People are eagerly waiting for the vlogs of both. But recently the couple has shared such a video on their YouTube channel, which has broken everyone’s heart.

In this video, Deepika is seen crying badly while Shoaib is also looking very sad. In the video itself, Shoaib and Deepika have also given the reason behind their tears. Actually, Shoaib and Dipika have lost their dearest pet cuddle. Cuddle was ill for a long time and was undergoing treatment. But recently Cuddle breathed his last and he left this world. After the departure of the cuddle, Deepika is in a bad condition by crying. In this regard, the stars have shared the video on their YouTube channel.

In the video, Deepika says, ‘Cuddle is no more… He was not well for a long time, he was ill. He had asthma as well as cancer. He was undergoing treatment, we had shown him to the best doctor in Mumbai, but he could not be operated on due to asthma. In the last two weeks, his condition had worsened a bit. For the last two days, he was in a lot of trouble, at the last moment his health became very critical. After that he could not be cured, we got him admitted to the hospital on the last day too, but the doctor had told by then that Cuddle would not be able to survive. Before we could think of anything further, Cuddle’s breath was gone. This video of Deepika and Shoaib is becoming quite viral, people are also getting very emotional after seeing this.

Edited By: Nazneen Ahmed