Disturbances in online tax submission: Cyber ​​criminals reached DTO office, deposited Rs 7200 in tax, got Rs 11

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A case of discrepancy in online tax submission of registered vehicles in the District Transport Office has come to light. After getting information about this disturbance, the Transport Department has started the process of taking action against the owners of such vehicles and blacklisting the number of vehicles. According to the information received from the department, a demand of Rs 16 lakh has been sent from the department level to the owners of 76 truck vehicles in the matter of depositing quarterly tax from January to March.

According to the information, tax tokens have been issued by these vehicle owners by depositing quarterly tax under online mode. Whereas out of the amount deposited by him in the form of tax in the department, only a few rupees have been received. When such cases came to the fore, there was a stir in the department.

During its investigation, it was found that in the name of online tax submission, Rs 14 crore 28 lakh has been misappropriated against 3904 vehicles across the state. Even inside the district, 76 truck vehicles were marked, against which a demand has been sent for depositing money against such vehicle owners once again for obtaining tax tokens without paying tax of Rs 16 lakh.

Here, under the action initiated from the department level, 85000 rupees have been deposited by 8 vehicle owners in the department so far. According to the information received from the department, in compliance with the instructions issued by the Joint Secretary of the department regarding the irregularities of 16 lakhs in depositing tax against 76 trucks, transfer of ownership and clearance of all the 76 truck vehicles identified. The issuance of certificates has been completely banned for the time being. On behalf of the Joint Secretary, the Transport Officer has been directed to recover the money by sending demand notices to the owners of all the identified vehicles and blacklisting such vehicles.

According to the information, under the case of irregularities caught in depositing tax on behalf of the owners of 76 identified trucks, for the quarter 3 months from January to March, only 11 were deposited in the account of the department in lieu of the tax of Rs 7200 deposited by the truck. Rupee arrived. The same department received only Rs 15 as tax deposited of 5000. Under the caught error, the amount of 5000 to 8000 has been deposited by the owners of vehicles marked as tax for 3 months.

Transport Department: Indications of the action of cyber criminals
The involvement of active cyber criminals is also being feared in connection with the irregularities revealed in the online tax submission case. While sending the amount of online tax deposited by the truck owners on the e-Grass portal of the department, it has come to the fore that technical glitches were made in it. Under which the amount sent was transferred to another account due to technical glitch in the middle.

In almost all the districts at the state level, there is a possibility of a racket of some big gang being involved in this type of disturbance. However, after this matter came to light, last month itself, on behalf of the joint secretary of the department, through a letter to all the transport officers of the state, the information about depositing less than the prescribed amount by the vehicle owners stating technical fault in the e-Grass portal. It was directed to recover the remaining amount.

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