Do not be careless: 55 patients of black fungus were operated in Rajindra during the Corona period, 4 were operated again for not controlling sugar

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Corona is under control now, but black fungus is increasing concern. Even after the surgery, the black fungus is taking the patient in its grip. So far 55 patients have undergone black fungus surgery in Rajindra Hospital, out of which 4 patients have to undergo surgery again. It is clear from this that the black fungus has not gone away and the patients who have undergone surgery due to black fungus are negligent. Because those people are not taking medicines on time and their sugar level is also increasing, due to this they have to undergo surgery again.

The black fungus, which spread like a dangerous disease in post covid, is now a big challenge in front of doctors as it is fatal. Doctors have saved the patients from this infection spreading to other parts of the body by performing surgery again. Although doctors say that there is negligence of these patients, one is the sugar level of the patients is increasing, apart from not completing the course of medicines. Black fungus spread as a dangerous disease in post covid patients can be fatal especially for diabetics. Diabetes should be controlled by getting the patients tested. In Rajindra Hospital, patients of black fungus remain under the supervision of the doctor even after 3 to 6 months.

According to doctors, one has to be alert if there is swelling with pain on the face, especially under the eyes and next to the nose, with or after the corona. Black fungus can spread to the lungs, affecting the face, nose, eyes or brain. On weak immunity, the fungus reaches the brain with the help of the face and jaw bone.


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