Do you know why 3 rotis are not served together in a plate, this is the reason

ReligionDo you know why 3 rotis are not served together in a...
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Astrology: When grandmother or mother serves food, she never puts three rotis in the plate. This reason is hidden behind it.

special things

  • There are many beliefs related to food in Hinduism.
  • Due to religious beliefs, people do not serve three rotis together.
  • Statistics behind this is also considered
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Astrology: One may or may not know the real reason, but it has always been believed in many Indian families that three rotis should never be served in a plate. Even if the mother sees the children taking three breads, she immediately waves her hand. Not only roti but also parantha, puri or cheela etc. are not served together. There are some beliefs associated with not serving three breads together in the meal, on the basis of which things like three tigadas are said.

Reason for not serving three breads

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According to numerology, three numbers are not considered good in religious works. On the other hand, according to belief, three should be kept away in worship or even in common life, so that its bad effect is minimized.

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It is also believed that three breads are kept in the plate of food which is put in the name of the deceased, due to which it is considered inauspicious to keep three breads in the plate of the living. That’s why people in families serve no matter how many rotis or puris they serve in a single plate, but never serve three.

It is also believed that three breads should not be eaten together in the meal because eating two breads is enough to keep the body weight equal and under control. One bowl of pulses, 50 grams of rice, two rotis and one bowl of vegetables are considered the best.

Apart from bread, many other things related to food are said in Indian families. These are all religious beliefs which have been followed over the years for different reasons.

If seen, beliefs like not eating three breads have been blindly followed for centuries, while there is no scientific basis for them. People should at least try to identify the belief and superstition in their family and follow such things which have a solid reason.

(Disclaimer: The information given here is based on general beliefs and information. NDTV does not confirm it.)

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