Do you know why lamp is lit in worship, know the reason behind it

ReligionDo you know why lamp is lit in worship, know the reason...
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Diya Vastu Tips: Diya has a special religious belief. But, after all, what is the reason behind lighting a lamp and how it should be lit in the temple, know here.

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Vastu Tips: Worship in the temple also does not begin without lighting a lamp. There is a special religious belief in lighting a lamp during worship and even after worship. Because of this, whether it is a temple or a worship room in the house (Puja Ghar) or a small temple attached to the wall, the lamp (Diya) is always lit. Some people like to light ghee lamps in the temple, while some people light oil lamps. But, there are many reasons behind lighting a lamp and there are many types of Vastu tips related to lighting a lamp in Vastu Shastra.

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negative energy goes away

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On lighting a lamp, it is believed that the negative energy present in the house starts getting destroyed. Because of this it is said to light a lamp every day. Keeping a lamp around you gives a sense of peace to the mind and that’s why many people keep a lamp lit in the sleeping room apart from the place of worship.

ghee lamp

Whenever there is an occasion of great happiness, there is mention of lighting a ghee lamp. It is said that ghee lamps please the gods and goddesses. Even in religious scriptures, it is advised to light ghee lamps and it is believed that Goddess Lakshmi resides in the house where ghee lamps are lit. At the same time, by lighting a ghee lamp (Ghee ka diya), one gets freedom from Vastu defects.

oil lamp

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Many times a question is asked about lighting lamps whether only ghee lamps can be lit or it is better to light oil lamps as well. There is a very simple answer to this that both types of lamps can be lit in the temple. After lighting ghee lamp and oil lamp, just keep in mind that it is good to light ghee lamp on the right side of God and oil lamp on the left side.

It is important to take care of Vastu

According to Vastu Shastra, it is necessary to take special care of the directions of the house. This thing is also taken into account in the context of lighting a lamp in the house. Keeping a lamp in the west direction is considered very auspicious. It is said that by doing this there is an effect of positive energy in the house and happiness and prosperity remains.

(Disclaimer: The information given here is based on general beliefs and information. NDTV does not confirm it.)

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