Does your account get hacked again and again? So don’t worry! access will be returned; know what to do

TechnologyDoes your account get hacked again and again? So don't worry!...
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How to Create Strong Password: Many things have changed according to the changing science and technology. This technology has made many things very easy. We save our files by using gadgets like laptop, mobile, computer. To keep this file safe, we keep passwords in our gadgets. However, often your password is not strong and can be easily hacked. So what measures can be taken to prevent such incidents? In this connection, we are going to tell some important information.

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Follow this method for Strong Password:

  • It is very important to create a strong password, a password that will not be easily noticed by anyone. For this reason, we are going to tell you some easy ways. to keep your password secure.
  • Use symbols when creating a password. Place a word with some variation so that it is not easily recognized. If you use a symbol between these words, your password will be more secure.
  • One thing to remember is to use code words and have long passwords. Long passwords are more difficult to crack than short ones.
  • If you have the option of multi-factor authentication, use it.
  • Do not use the same password multiple times in many places. Like, system, website, account. Have a different password for each of them.
  • You should not use a word in the password that is easily available in any language or dictionary. Also, do not write the same word repeatedly in the password.
  • Keep one thing in mind that while creating the password, do not mention any personal information in the password. Your password must not include your birthday, social security number, your mobile number, address, name or family member’s name.
  • If you follow these methods then definitely you can keep your password safe. Along with this, cases like hacking will also be stopped. That’s why keep your password strong today.

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