Does Your Smartphone Stay Warm Even In These Winters? So be careful! may be poor; know how

TechnologyDoes Your Smartphone Stay Warm Even In These Winters? So be...
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Mobile Hacking: On one hand, because of the internet, our life has become easier than before. On the other hand, it has also increased many problems of the people. Today our smartphone is our biggest asset and need. All the important documents, bank details, business information etc. are saved in the smartphone itself. You must have read and heard about cyber fraud cases through internet. The main thing that emerges from these cases is the cheating of people. If a person is not careful or careless in time, then he can save himself from a big fraud. When it comes to cyber fraud cases, people feel that hackers cheat people through calls, emails, OTPs. But these days without calls, sms your mobile phone can be hacked and your bank account can be empty.

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Does your smartphone get very hot even when not in use and its battery drains quickly? If so, then take it to a service center immediately or else you could run into serious problems. Nowadays hackers install many invisible software in your mobile phone, which are not visible to you from the front, but keep running in the background and steal your personal information. Due to this, your mobile phone gets hot and hangs again and again. Many times people ignore the heating of the mobile phone as a normal thing, but then it turns out to be a big mistake.

How to know whether the phone is hacked or not?

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There are very easy ways to know whether the mobile phone is hacked or not. Like the symptoms of the disease, the symptoms of mobile hacking also vary. If your smartphone is getting too hot or its battery is running out quickly, then it means that your mobile has been hacked. If you are getting frequent account log-in messages or seeing unknown calls and SMS or popup ads, then consider that your mobile phone is hacked (mobile hacking).

Do not click on any suspicious website or message

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Many times it happens that when you visit a website, hackers (mobile hacking) reach your mobile phone as soon as you click on the link displayed on the website. After that they install software in your mobile without your permission. Such incidents are more common especially with unsecured websites. At that time you will not feel that you have done something wrong. But the hackers have done their job. Due to malware or cheat app, your smartphone starts heating up and consumes more battery than necessary.

Meanwhile, if you feel that your mobile phone is getting overheated or its battery is draining quickly. So immediately check the smartphone properly and do a factory reset once. Remember, you do not need to panic but you need to be alert. Do not open any link, message or mail unless you trust it.

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