Dog bitten 7-year-old innocent: Former councilor said – the number of dogs is increasing even after Nansabdi

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In Himachal’s capital Shimla, cases of stray dog ​​attacks are being seen every day. In Vikasnagar, a 7-year-old girl was suddenly bitten by a dog, after which she was taken to the hospital. When 7-year-old Anjana was playing in the street, suddenly the dog came from behind and bit her and ran away. Anjana’s parents were present at some distance, who took her to the hospital without any delay. After this episode, the parents expressed their anger towards the corporation administration.

The parents are also demanding compensation from the administration. There are reports of dog bites coming from every ward of Shimla, due to which there is an atmosphere of panic among the local people. Dogs are making more of their prey small children and women.

Accused on corporation administration of former councilor Rachna Bhardwaj

Rachna Bhardwaj, former councilor of Vikas Nagar ward said that earlier there were not so many stray dogs in the ward. The corporation administration is doing sterilization but the number of dogs is increasing more instead of decreasing. Said that the cases of stray dogs’ bites had come to Vikasnagar even earlier, about which the corporation had informed the administration and demanded the removal of these dogs from here. A few days ago, the Municipal Corporation had also taken a dog from here which was insane. However, after keeping the other dogs in contact with him, the corporation administration kept them under observation for a few days and told them to be normal.

He said that the herd of stray dogs roaming the ward daily due to which it has become difficult to step out of the house alone. Said that most of the dogs are near Kali Mata temple and police post and attack suddenly, due to which people come out of their house in fear. Said that he had complained to the corporation administration several times about this, but the municipal corporation shrugs off saying that only a mad dog can be taken as per the order of the court.

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