Washington, ANI. Former US President Donald Trump has taken a jibe at President Joe Biden’s fall from a bicycle. He said that now I will never ride a bicycle. Trump, without naming Biden, said he hoped he would recover. Former President Trump has been an attacker since he lost the election to Biden last year. He was not ready to give up on Biden at all. Not even leaving the White House. There was a huge riot by his supporters.

Biden has fallen before

Let us tell you that 70-year-old President Biden went to his home state of Delaware to celebrate the marriage anniversary with his wife. During this, on Saturday, he had fallen from the cycle due to his foot getting stuck in the pedal. However, the President said that he did not suffer any injuries due to the fall from the bicycle. Similar incidents have happened with Biden before. He stumbled three times on the stairs while boarding a plane in Atlanta last year.

What did Trump say?

Donald Trump said, ‘I hope Biden is fine because you know he fell from his bicycle. I’m serious I hope he is fine. I pledge to you today that I will never ride a cycle.’ Trump said this during one of his rallies on America Freedom Tour.

‘Trouble taking the shoes off the pedals’

Earlier on Saturday, ‘Biden fell while cycling near his vacation home in Delaware. During that time he told reporters, ‘I am fine. I had trouble getting the shoes off the pedals. At the same time, a White House official said, ‘As the President said, his foot got stuck in the pedal while landing. Now they are fine. They do not require any medical treatment. The President is looking forward to spending the rest of the day with his family.

Biden fell from the stairs of the plane

Last month, Biden fell down the stairs of Air Force One. A similar incident happened in Atlanta last year when Biden stumbled three times on the stairs of the plane.

Edited By: Achyut Kumar