Dosage of inflation: Within a year, the price of medicines increased by 15 to 50%, the price of many essential medicines including skin and multi-vitamins increased by double

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In a year of Corona period, the price of many essential medicines has increased from one and a half to double. Apart from fever, the price of multi-vitamins, proteins and minerals to skin and pain killer medicines has increased the most. The price of anti fungal medicines has also increased by 15 to 20 percent.

Due to the tremendous demand for multi-vitamin drugs before and after Corona, its prices have increased by 50 to 60 percent. The rates of some skin medicines have increased by 50 to 55 percent and the price of pain killers by 25 to 30 percent. The increase in the price of medicines has happened not only in branded but also in generics. According to medical store operators and wholesale drug dealers, Corona has knocked in the state since March 2020. After that many kinds of discussions arose. After that suddenly the sales of multi vitamin tablets and syrups increased.

Some people take multi-vitamins on the advice of doctors and many on the advice of their relatives and acquaintances. As soon as the effect of increasing demand was felt in the market, the prices of multi vitamins started increasing. Even if there was no corona, people started using multi-vitamins to increase immunity. Apart from Vitamin C, Zinc, other medicines of other vitamins started being sold. Despite the rise in prices, the demand for these drugs did not decrease. However, after July, due to the continuous decrease in new cases of corona, now the demand for these medicines has come down. The cost of antibiotics has also increased by up to 25 per cent.

boom in generic drugs
The prices of generic drugs have also gone up. There is a generic medicine store in the district hospital, Pandri and Kalibari, including Ambedkar Hospital. The effect of increasing the price is on the people. However, in Red Cross medical stores, medicines are being sold to the people at a discount of 20 to 60 percent, while at other medical stores generic drugs are being sold at the print price. If people want to take medicine at a discount, then they can buy it by visiting the Red Cross Medical Store.

Transportation too expensive
Vinay Kriplani, President of the Drug Dealers Association and Lokesh Sahu, Secretary, say that the raw material is coming less from China. Casting is expensive here. Transportation has also doubled. Earlier the truck from Gujarat used to come for 40 thousand, now the charge has to be paid up to 75 thousand. Because of this, the price of medicines has increased within a year.

The reason being told
The reason for the increase in the price of medicines is being told that the raw material used in it. The raw material of most medicines comes from China. Raw material could not come from China during the Corona era. According to traders, due to this the prices of medicines have increased. Now the business has started but the price of raw material is not decreasing once it increases. So the price of medicines has gone up.


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