Drone Down: Russia-American relations at the most critical juncture, 2 ‘superpowers’ standing in front of each other

WorldDrone Down: Russia-American relations at the most critical juncture, 2 'superpowers' standing...
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The way a Russian warship shot down an American drone over the Black Sea has increased tensions between the two countries. Apprehension is also being expressed that a war-like atmosphere is being created between the two countries. Meanwhile, there was a phone conversation between the Defense Minister of Russia and the Defense Minister of America on this issue. According to media reports, during the conversation, the Russian Defense Minister said that the US is spying on Russia, due to which the drone incident happened.

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According to CNN’s report, the Russian official has talked about talks with the US after the drone incident. According to the news agency TASS, Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova told a press conference on Thursday, “It is important to keep the lines of communication between Washington and Moscow open after Tuesday’s drone incident.”

Poland going to give fighter plane to Ukraine

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Poland’s President Andrey Duda has announced on Thursday (16 March) that he will give four MiG 29 fighter jets to help Ukraine. These war planes will be provided to Ukraine in the coming few days. He said that other fighter jets are in need of repair, so they will be supplied later. Duda indicated that Poland could provide Ukraine with 11 to 19 MiG-29 fighter jets. “These aircraft are in the last years of their operational life, but they are in good condition,” he said.

The Polish president did not comment on whether other NATO countries would follow in Warsaw’s footsteps by providing Ukraine with fighter jets. However, Slovakia has also expressed its intention to provide its unused MiG fighter jets to Ukraine. Let us tell you that Poland is the first NATO member country, which has announced to give fighter aircraft to Ukraine.

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Poland’s neighboring NATO member Germany appeared to be taken aback by Duda’s announcement. Germany’s Defense Minister Boris Pistorius told reporters, by now everyone agreed that this was not the right time to send fighter jets. Poland has not yet confirmed to us that it plans to do so.

Meanwhile, the White House termed Poland’s move as a “sovereign decision” and lauded it for consistently taking decisions above its stature. However, he said that this praise should not be seen as a change in US President Joe Biden’s stance on not providing US F-16A fighter jets to Ukraine.

Russia warned America of consequences

Russia has warned America that if there is a drone act in future, America will have to face the consequences. At the same time, America has put pressure on Russia by releasing a new video. Russian Defense Minister Sergei Soigu held talks with US Defense Minister Lloyd Austin on Wednesday. During this, the Russian Defense Minister said that if America takes any provocation in future, then Russia will also give a ‘appropriate answer’ to it. The Russian Defense Ministry said that the US strategic drone flying off the coast of Crimea was an act of provocation. This can lead to a situation of war between the two countries in the Black Sea region.

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