DSP confirms case: Rs 5.67 lakh from Baddi’s firm. of fraud, police registered a case

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A case of fraud of Rs 5.67 lakh has come to light from a firm in Baddi. In the statement given at police station Manpura, Neeraj Kumar resident of Hamirpur said that Natural Selection works as an accountant in the firm and transactions take place in many companies in the firm.

Neeraj told that he had to buy the material by giving advance to a private firm, for which we got the quotation on the mail and wrote the account details in it. On which advance payment of Rs 65077 was made. When I found out after a few days, that company refused to pay that they have not received any payment within 5 days.

Thus the liability of the company was close to Rs 30,80,000 and they had deducted the next month’s checks to that company and said that there was a credit limit. Then the next day by messaging on WhatsApp itself, he gave an account number and I transferred Rs 5,00,000 to that account.

The next day, a message came again from that number that pay our dues, after that when we called on that number, that number is running off. From which it is known that we have been cheated of 5,65,077 by unknown person. A case has been registered in police station Manpura and investigation has been started. DSP Navdeep Singh confirmed the matter.

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